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Powder Mountain Summary:

Base: 6,900 ft
Summit: 9,442 ft
Vertical: 2,522 ft
Ski area: 7000 acres
Chair Lifts: 7
Terrain parks: 2
Snowfall: 500+"


Beginner: 25%
Intermediate: 40%
Advanced: 35%

Trail Map:
Front Face:

Virtual Tours:

A Mountain Run

Video Tour of Powder Mountain:

Powder Mountain UT Weather:
Powder Mountain Description:
PowderMountain Lodge

Powder Mountain, affectionately known as "Pow Mow", may not be as well known as some other resorts in Utah, but the skiing here can be very rewarding. At about 1-1.5 hours from Salt Lake city, the drive to Powder Mountain is one of the resorts furthest away from the city. This can work in your favor as there are significantly fewer people skiing/boarding so it is much easier to find untracked powder. With 2800 acres operated by lifts, and another 1200 acres available if you take the shuttle back after skiing Powder Country, and another 3200 acres available by snowcat, it's the largest resort in the United States (over 7000 acres). Being 'so far' away from SLC definitely has some advantages. When the other resorts are skied out, chances are good that you will still find un-tracked powder at Powder Mountain.

The resort access road heads up the mountain to the lodge and parking in the upper part of the mountain. At first it seems like an unnatural layout but from this vantage point one can take a lift to the peak or ski down various runs to chair lifts to take you around the mountain.

A video tour of the Powder Mountain Utah ski resort

Powder Mountain Terrain:

Powder Mountain doesn't have the most difficult terrain, but some areas around the Paradise lift has some terrain expert skiers will enjoy. This includes both steep runs as well as cliff areas. The trails down from the Hidden Lake Lodge and Sundown Ridge have nice groomed trails. For untracked powder, check out either the snowcat skiing ($18 per ride) or take an all day Powder Safari for $385. This is as close as many of us will get to heli-skiing. If you want to real deal, Diamond Peaks Helicopter Skiing will make your day! For those looking for tree skiing, powder mountain is a great place since there are very little dense woods and lots of glades.

A panoramic view from the base of the lift
(best viewed in full screen mode)

Beginners and Intermediates:

Sidewinder blue trail Run: "Sidewinder"
This is a nice blue trail that can be accessed from the Timberline Express lift

The easiest trails can be found around the Hidden Lake Lodge. Hidden Lake Run (accessed from the Hidden Lake Express lift) is a nicely groomed trail great for beginners and the more experienced that are looking for a warm-up run. Sidewinder, accessed from the Timberline lift, is another favorite run that will take you down a nice groomed trail. Dilly Dally Alley is a little steeper run that is a great place to start the day on.

Dilly Dally Alley intermediate trail Run: "Dilly Dally Alley" under the Hidden Lake Express lift is a good intermediate trail

Expert Runs:

For skiers who want a little more challenge, the Main Line and Break Away (under the Hidden Lake Express lift) are both great trails. They are fairly steep, but not too intimidating. The most difficult terrain is accessed from the top of Paradise lift. Ski underneath the Paradise lift and you will find great terrain on both sides. On the right side, there are more chutes and cliff areas for those who like to defy gravity. On the left side, there are more steep trails that offer some great powder. First you will get to the Eureka, and then Saddle Chute is next if you keep skiing along the ridge. Break Away near the bottom of the Hidden Lake Express is also a nice steep trail.

Under Paradise Lift Ski under Paradise Lift until reaching the rocks seen in the background.
This is where the steepest terrain can be found (both sides of the ridge)

Difficult Terrain The terrain gets more difficult the further you go.

Chute at halfway point This nice chute can be found near the halfway point of the Paradise lift

Paradise lift in background Don't forget the helmet if skiing here. Paradise lift in the background.

Under Paradise Lift Run: "Eureka". Ski down Straight Shot under the Paradise lift until reaching the rocks and take a left to ski down Eureka.

Saddle Chute Run: "Saddle Chute". If Eureka doesn't do it, then keep going a few hundred feet until reaching the Saddle Chute.

From Timberline Express lift Take the Timberline Express lift to get this run.


Most of the terrain at Powder Mountain that is not cleared of trees, has great tree skiing. One can ski among the aspens pretty much anywhere by taking a sidecut from any of the trails. Follow the Paradise lift until you reach the rocks and ski down the left side has great steep tree skiing. For less agressive tree skiing, ski into the glades near the start of the Hidden Lake Express.

Skiing trees Take the tree route to the Hidden Lake Express, and then do it again...

Skiing trees Same trail as picture above

Powder Tips:

There is a reason Powder Mountain got its name... For some of the best powder skiing, try the Powder Country area. This area is not serviced by any of the resort lifts, so make sure the shuttle bus back to the base is running. Unfortunately, the bus was not running the day we visited. If you want to step it up a notch, try the snowcat skiing! For $12 they will take you to James Peak where you will have access to 700 acres and 2100 vertical feet of pristine powder. If you didn't think it could get any better, you were wrong again. For $300 you will be on an all day Snowcat Powder Safari with access to 2500 acres of back-country terrain. Contact adventures@powdermountain.com for more information.

Cat skiing run This is what you get when you sign-up for cat-skiing

Cat skiing run Lots of powder

Powder Mountain Apres Ski:

Apres Ski options are limited. You can grab a beer at the "Powder Keg" in the basement of the main lodge. It closes at 5:00pm except on Friday and Saturday when it is open till 7:00pm. That's about it.

Where to eat:

The mountain base resort center or the nearby town of Ogden hold your best options.

Mountain Base:

  • Powder Mountain Restaurant at the resort center or the "Powder Keg" in the basement.

Dining in Ogden:

  • The Roosters Brewing Company and Restaurant: (Casual microbrewery)
  • Tona Sushi Bar and Grill
  • Union Grill: (Steak house)
  • Timbermine
  • La Ferrovia (Italian)
  • Jeremiah’s (breakfast)

Village & Shopping:

Sundown Lodge and the resort center at the mountain can take care of basic needs and souvenirs while Ogden has the Newgate Mall for those in need of department stores and more traditional shopping.


The nearby town of Ogden is your best option. Try Brewskis or City Club on the historic 25th street. The Shooting Star pub in Huntsville is also an option.

Directions to Powder Mountain:

Located 55 miles from the Salt Lake City airport just 19 miles Northeast of Ogden Utah.

  • From Salt Lake City Airport: (Southeast)
    • Take I-15 north to Ogden’s 12th Street
    • Head East on 12th Street and follow the signs through Ogden Canyon.
  • From Park City
    • Take I-80 east to I-84 junction
    • Head West on I-84 to exit 96 and follow the signs.

511 road conditions report

Map of Powder Mountain UT Area:

Google Map

Powder Mountain (mountain base):
Utah United States
Latitude: 41.376213
Longitude: -111.786447

Resorts Nearby:

Powder Mountain Lodging and Accommodations:


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