Mirkwood Bowl at Monarch Mountain Colorado (US)

Skier's Guide to Mirkwood Bowl

Mirkwood Bowl

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Monarch Mirkwood Bowl: hike

Mirkwood Bowl is not accessible directly from a lift, you are required to hike or take a snow-cat. Some of the signs and literature state that it is a ten minute hike. Ya! I'd like to meet these people who can hike it in ten minutes. As someone who lives closer to sea level, it is more like a half hour hike. I notice that the Denver crowd and those who live at altitude can hike it comfortably in 20 minutes. Follow the well marked signs from the top of the "Breezeway" lift.

Entrance to Mirkwood bowl hike

Entrance to the Mirkwood Bowl hike. Beacon check is on the right side of the trail map sign.

Mirkwood bowl hike

Mirkwood bowl hike

Mirkwood bowl hike

Mirkwood bowl hike summit

The summit of the hike and your options down.

Mirkwood bowl

Skiing Mirkwood Bowl:

Once at the top of Mirkwood bowl, there are many options for your route down. The bowl often has deep powder. If not, try the trees. On the skiers left is a descent with a flatter grade. Much of the top ridge is a cornice which should only be jumped if there is plenty of soft powder to land in.

Mirkwood bowl

Mirkwood bowl: ski patrol on their closing pass

Mirkwood basin offers you an extra 130 acres of less traveled terrain and closes at 2:30 pm at which time the ski patrol will close the area and perform a final sweep.

Mirkwood bowl exit

Mirkwood bowl path of exit

Snowcat at the summit of Mirkwood bowl

Snowcat at the summit of Mirkwood bowl: The easy way up

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