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Top Ten Terrain Park Mountains

We ranked our favorite terrain park mountains based on the size and number of available terrain parks reserved for boarders with half pipes, boxes and jump formations, rails, ... These are the ski resorts with the best terrain parks.

Keystone Check out A51 terrain park and the Main Street jump line. Keystone has more jumps, features and unique features than I have seen at any other mountain. Keystone also has feature zones dedicated to beginners and intermediates so one does not have to go big all at once.

See our review of Keystone CO for more information.

Buttermilk CO Two terrain parks: Crazy T'rain (with superpipe) and S3 as well as rails and features spread about the mountain. At times it feels like the entire mountain is a terrain park.
Buttermilk is the site of the annual X-Games and has continually improved and expanded its terrain parks to earn this rank.

Copper Mountain CO Head over to the Union Creek lift to check out the terrain park "Central Park". This park includes medium and large sized features and jumps and is constructed in cooperation with "Woodward at Copper", the extreme sports training facility also located at Copper Mountain. Many Pros and Olympians have got their start at Woodward and at this terrain park. Woodward also runs a ski and snowboard early summer camp to train kids. Beginners should head over to the Alliroo Alley terrain park accessible from the top of the American Flyer lift as it has smaller and less intimidating features and jumps. Copper also has a large "Superpipe" located just above the Center Village.

See our review of Copper Mountain CO for more information.

Mammoth Mountain CA Multiple terrain parks with half pipes, rails, jumps both large and small. Mammoth has invested in half pipe shaping equipment to provide shape consistency. I personally enjoy the heavy metal tunes provided over a speaker system at each of the terrain parks. Some line-ups occur at the jumps.

See our review of Mammoth Mountain for more information.

Large terrain parks and snow board friendly. Five official terrain parks:
  • Freeway (largest): Rails, jumps and a half pipe (475 ft long x 15 ft high x 50 ft wide)
  • Country Boy: Rails and jumps
  • Gold King: Half pipe, jumps and rails
  • Trygves: Jumps, rails and a half pipe
  • Eldorado: Half pipe, jumps and rails
Breckenridge has a 20 year snowboarding tradition.

See our review of Breckenridge CO for more information.

Squaw Valley CA
Four dedicated terrain parks:
  • Belmont: beginners
  • Riviera/Central: advanced - jumps, rails, a quarter pipe and a half pipe (12' walls) Open at night.
  • Mainline: superpipe, jumps, boxes and rails.
  • Ford freestyle superpipe: 18.5 ft walls, 18 degree pitch and 550' long superpipe.

See our review of Squaw Valley CA for more information.

Northstar CA
Northstar has a total of six terrain parks for beginners, intermediates and advanced riders. Pipeline with a 420' superpipe is its signature pipe. Moonshine is the advanced park with features such as the Matrix staircase, DC shoebox and jumps.
  • Beginners:
    • Burton progression park
    • The straits
  • Intermediates:
    • Pinball
  • Advanced:
    • Pipeline
    • Moonshine: Staircase with 25 stairs and rails, feature boxes to ride and jib.
NorthStar also has six adventure parks for the kids. (Fun Forest, Jumpland, ...)

Echo Mountain This resort is devoted exclusively to terrain park.

Stratton VT Best in the Northeast. Their superpipe measures 420 ft long x 17 ft high. Stratton's halfpipe legacy dates back to 1988.

See our review of Stratton VT for more information.

Park City UT Introduced the Superpipe for the 2002 Olympic games. Measures 400 ft long x 17 ft high


Manufacturers of park features:

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