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GNU snowboards


Snowboard Features and Designs:

Measurements: Length, contact length, effective edge, sidecut radius, camber, width (tip/waist/tail).

Rocker: The importance of "Rocker" is most noticible in back country powder. It allows one to "float" on powder (powder bouyancy) without having to lean back so much.

Camber: This is the opposite of rocker, where the mid section of the ski is raised off of the ground if unloaded. Rocker is sometimes refered to as reverse camber. A zero camber board is flat.

Side Cut: Symmetrical vs Asymmetrical sidecut: Asymmetrical sidecut has a deeper sidecut on the heel side for better foot-body balance on the board.

Pam Anderson board
Pam Anderson board

Nideci's Pamela Anderson board. Borat's favorite board?

Sage Kotsenburg describes what he loves about his Apo pro snowboard.

Snowboard Bindings:

Manufacturers Links:

Snowboard Bindings: Manic Snow

ManicSnow: spring cushion magnesium binding

Bon Hiver "Freebase" quick release and mount snowboard binding

Buzrun snowboard binding: quick stance angle change

SnowBoard Boots

Snowboard Boots

Split Boards:

The purpose of the "Split Board" is to transform a snowboard into a set of mountaineering skiis for back country travel. When coupled with skins attached to the bottom, one can cross country up the mountain. Once at the top, peel the skins off and transform the split board into a unified snowboard and the fresh powder is yours.

The bindings can mount facing forward on the individual board and pivot at the toe for cross country. It can easily be re-mounted in the regular snowboard position for the downhill segment. When mounted in the boarding position, the binding acts as a mechanism to both connect the two boards and keep it stiff.

Split Boards: An alternative is the folding rather than split design.

Venture Snowboards and Splitboards 2017/2018

Venture Odin splitboard and Euphoria pow surfer

Note: Euphoria (powder surfer) - this is powder specific and not for the groomers. The lack of a sidecut will not allow one to carve on packed snow. The pads are for standing and there is no fixed attachment. Rider grips the blue bungee. The orange leash is for board recovery.

Splitboard Bindings:
Apo park and splitboard quick attach/release bindings

Splitboard Links:

split board

split board

split board

See our article on backcountry mountaineering for more on splitboards

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