Ice Music made by Ice Instruments in an Igloo Symphony Concert Hall

Winter 2008-2009

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Instruments Made From Ice
Ice Music

While the Ice Hotel in Swedish Lapland may get all of the press attention for ice architecture, Beaver Creek had its own ice building and developing ice culture. The summit of lift 12 was the ideal sub freezing eco-zone for this ice music concert hall where one could hear the amazing sounds of ice instruments. Built by Tim Linhart and his Swedish wife Birgitta, many were amazed to hear symphonic sounds from an array of instruments including an ice cello, xylophone, guitar and violin. Previous projects have included ice organs, drums, violas, base and flutes.

Ice Xylophone

Xylophone made from ice and its creator, ice artist Tim Linhart. Each block of ice must be shaved and tuned to produce the proper notes.

Ice Instruments

Ice Instrument: Cello

Cello made from ice. The ice panels which make up the instrument were shaved until the thickness and acoustical resonant properties were optimal. The resulting instrument is fagile as the panels tend to get shaved thin.

One will be amazed to discover the craftsmanship applied to the hollow body instruments, with ice shaved thin to achieve the acoustic qualities similar to their wooden brethren.

The Igloo Concert Symphony Concert Hall

Ice Music Igloo

Ice Music Symphony: Inside Igloo

Inside the Igloo Concert Symphony hall

Built for acoustics, ventilation and comfort, this concert hall has it all. Snow has natural sound abatement properties making it an ideal interior surface.

Tim Linhart Photos:

Ice Music Symphony: Ice Organ, drums and xylaphone

These globes are used as ice drums

Ice Music Symphony: Ice Organ

Ice Music Symphony: Inside Igloo

Ice Music Symphony: Inside Igloo

Concert Hall Igloo Construction:

The concert hall igloo construction begins by inflating an interior igloo form which defines the inner volume and then using a snow blower to cover it with lots of snow. A substantial amount of snow is required to supply enough structural integrity to support itself.

Igloo concert hall

Inflatable form defines the interior surface.

Igloo concert hall

A substantial amount of snow is required to ensure the structural strength to avoid collapse.



Ice Music: Tim Linhart Ice Music: Narration by Tim Linhart


Ice Music: Hey Brother Ice Music: Whiteroom doing Avicii's "Hey Brother" with ice instruments


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