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Portillo ski reosrt base accommodations

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All overnight accommodations at Portillo are owned and managed by the resort and unfortunately expensive. There are various levels of expensive from the Hotel Portillo to the less expensive shared hostel rooms. The closest town of Los Andes is cut off from the Portillo from 8:00 pm to 8:00 am due to a nightly road closure but is a less expensive option if you don't mind missing out on the Portillo evening activities.

Inca Lodge at Portillo

Inca Lodge - shared hostel living

Octagon Lodge at Portillo

Octagon Lodge at Portillo - group living (2-4)

Chalets at Portillo

Chalets at Portillo - family cabin rentals

Hotel Los Andes

The Hotel Los Andes
Av de Los Maristas 1100, Los Andes, Chile

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