Whistler Blackcomb (Canada)

Ski Resort Apres Ski, Dining, Bars and Nightlife Guide

Dubh Linn Gate Irish Pub

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Drinking Age:

British Columbia: 19

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Whistler Village

Whistler Apres Ski:
Apres ski

CITTA restaurant; across from Amsterdams.

Whistler excels at the Apres ski scene. Regardless of your taste you should be able to find a spot which suits you.

  • Garibaldi Lift Company - 604-905-2220
    Lounge upstairs from the base of the Whistler gondola.
  • Outdoor patio:
    • Whistler Village: The Longhorn
    • Whistler Village: Dubh Linn Gate (Irish bar)
    • Creekside: Dusty's
    • Blackcomb: Merlin's
Apres ski at the Longhorn Saloon

Apres ski (and snowboard) at the Longhorn Saloon

Apres ski at Merlin's at the base of Blackcomb

Apres ski (and snowboard) at Merlin's at the base of Blackcomb

Dining And Where To Eat:

The center of all dining activities is Whistler Village. There are venues of all types and price ranges available. Many of the hotels will have some of the more highly rated establishments.

List of restaurants at Whistler

Whistler Bars and Night Life:

Nightlife in Whistler centers around the "Village". Garfinkel's (bands), Neighbourhood Pub (Canadian spelling), Moe Joe's, the Longhorn Saloon, Merlin's, Whistler Brewhouse, Black's Pub, Citta's, Tapley's Pub, Tommy Africa's (especially on Monday's), Dubh Linn Gate (apres ski), Maxx Fish, the Village, Buffalo Bill's (dancing), ... See why we like this place!

Nightlife at Garfinkel's in the village

Nightlife at Garfinkel's in the village. The drinking age in BC is 19 and the clients are very young here.

Nightlife at Garfinkel's in the village

Live band at Garfinkel's.

Nightlife at the Neighbourhood Pub in the village

Nightlife at "The Neighbourhood Pub" in the village. All ages.

Inside The Neighborhood Pub

Inside "The Neighbourhood Pub"

Whistler night life


Whistler night life


Of the 2000 work visas Canada issues to Australians each year as a "Commonwealth exchange", over 1200 park themselves in Whistler to work the resort and party crazy at night.

Whistler night life


Pub Crawl Thursday/Saturday: 604-722-2633 [reservations]
Whistler Taxi: 604-938-3333

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