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Las Lenas Lodging and Accommodations:

Overnight accommodations are available at the resort village or in the nearby town of Los Molles (Mendoza Province) on route 222, just 19 km (12 miles or 17 min) from the resort. The hotels prices generally include breakfast and dinner the the food quality changes greatly with the hotel price. Luckily there are a few restaurant options available if the food is not agreeable.

Hotel Escorpio

Hotel Escorpio

Hotel Acurio

Hotel Acuario: ski-in, ski-out and right next to UFO Point

Hotel Philips

Hotel Virgo (The label "Philips" is misleading)

Hotel Los Molles

Hotel Los Molles (Los Molles)

Hotel Hualum

Hotel Hualum (Los Molles)

Electrical outlet

The electrical outlet you should expect at Las Lenas accommodations

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